Most meetings are on the second Monday of the month from 6 to 8:30 PM.
Meetings are free for SDHS members and $15 for non-members. Parking is free.

Upcoming Meetings

    • Mon, July 11, 2016
    • 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM
    • San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park

    A Very Special Event- Celebrating 100 Years
    Horticultural Evening at the San Diego Zoo     

    Save the date! You won't want to miss this special evening with the Horticultural Society at the San Diego Zoo.

    The zoo celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.  The zoo has become world famous not only for the animals but also its outstanding plant collections and gardens.  So much so, that the San Diego Horticultural Society has named the past and present horticulturists at the zoo as their Horticulturist of the year. 

    Highlights of the evening:

    • 20% off zoo entrance tickets. 
      • Event registration required to receive discount coupon via email.  
      • Coupon is valid for online purchase July 1 to July 11 and at the zoo ticket booth on July 11.
      • You may purchase up to 6 tickets.  
      • Tickets purchased are good for one year after purchase date.
    • Free (with advance registration) 35 minute long horticulture bus tours of zoo's botanical collections.
      • When registering select bus tour time, 5:30 or 6:00. 
      • If you are a zoo member, registration is still required for the bus tours.
      • If you are bringing a guest, please include them as guests when you register for a bus tour.
    • Meet and greet the horticulturists and tour the zoo botanical nursery and orchid house. They will also be located at the plant collections and themed gardens to answer questions.
    • Self-guided tours of the San Diego Zoo's spectacular gardens and plant collections any time you choose.
    • Click here to download brochures of the various gardens and botanical collections.  Printed brochures will also be available at the SDHS check-in desk.

    Event registration opens after June 1st. 

    Register to receive 20% zoo discount coupon via email and reserve your spot on one of the free bus tours. 

    Check-in for SDHS attendees to the south (left) of the main entrance gate from 5 to 7:30 PM.  If you registered for a bus tour, pick up your pass at the registration desk. However, you may come earlier in the day and enjoy the zoo at your own pace before the evening activities. Zoo closes at 9 PM.
    • Mon, August 08, 2016
    • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Congregation Beth Israel 9001 Towne Centre Drive San Diego, CA 92122

    Bill Toone
    The Roar of the Monarch Butterfly

    The monarch butterfly is the most recognizable butterfly in the world.  In this presentation you will learn more about the relationship between plants and butterflies and follow along on the  remarkable long distance, multi-generational migration of the monarch butterfly. Bill will share insights into one of Nature's poorly understood and critically threatened miracles.  Within a short generation of its discovery this migration is now in danger extinction.  There are many elements associated with the decline of the monarch butterfly but only one of them kills thousands of people and hundreds of thousands to millions of butterflies on an annual basis in Mexico.  Wrapped into the monarchs life history is an ancient oyamel fir forest, a watershed resource for the largest city in the world and the home to amazing people of Tarascan descent.  The future of millions upon millions of lives are tied into one fabric that is unraveling at a frightening pace.  Join us to learn about the journey and what each of us can do to preserve these valuable resources for future generations.

    About the Speaker

    Starting his career as a wildlife biologist with the San Diego Zoo, Bill Toone studied the endangered California condor and the causes of its decline. That work grew into a conservation program of world renown; and Bill soon found himself featured in newspapers and magazines, sitting next to Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show, and filming wildlife documentaries in the Costa Rican rainforests with Olivia Newton-John.

    But there was more to Bill than being “a media darling.” With his expertise in demand, Bill performed solid conservation work in some of the most remote regions of the world. From Honduras and Paraguay to Cameroon and Papua New Guinea, he not only witnessed incredible wildlife spectacles, but also came in close contact with some of most poor, and poorly understood, populations of people.

    Working in Madagascar to help create a national park, Bill’s life took a significant turn while living in the remote village of Antanambao. Bill’s integration into the primitive village was facilitated by his befriending the family of a little five-year-old named Elian; it was a relationship so deep that on Bill’s departure to return home, Elian’s family begged him to take little Elian with him, so the boy could find a better future in the United States – an entreaty which, for several reasons, was impossible for Bill to fulfill. Soon thereafter, both Antanambao, and everyone who lived there, were swept away by the historic Typhoon Hudah.

    Bill was shocked to learn that not one of the conservation agencies with which he had worked, in Madagascar and elsewhere, were interested in helping the victims of Hudah. It seems people were not part of their missions. And he understood at that moment the depths to which people and their environments are inextricably joined – that one cannot work to save endangered species, or endangered places, without working as well to protect and improve the lives of the people who live near them.

    So Bill created ECOLIFE Conservation, an organization dedicated to a world in which humans and Nature live harmoniously. Bill and ECOLIFE build stoves in remote villages that improve the lives of families and reduce tree cutting for fuel. They install water-harvesting systems, and create programs to help people feed themselves healthy food, rather than plants and animals poached from the forests.

    Bill continues to work and study in such places as Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. And his stories – gathered just this January in an encounter with wild gorillas, or 26 years ago on live TV with Johnny -- delight and thrill audiences. His are presentations that provide insight our natural world, while taking you on a terrific adventure and offering you hope for a planet in which humans, plants and animals can provide mutual assurance of wellness and security.

    Doors open at 5:45 PM.  Shop our vendors, renew your membership, check out the plant forum table or mingle.

    The presentation starts at 6:45

    Members free
    Guests $15
    Parking free for everyone

    • Mon, September 12, 2016
    • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Congregation Beth Israel 9001 Towne Centre Drive San Diego, CA 92122

    Jeff Moore
    Aloes and Agaves 

    Jeff Moore, owner of Solana Succulents speaks about his latest book Aloes and Agaves in Cultivation.

    Jeff will walk us thorough aloes and agaves in cultivation in California, from common to rare, with cultivation tips. Jeff has  been an aloe collector for over 25 years and has witnessed their increasing popularity and availability - there are many species and hybrids available now that we're almost unheard of here 20 years ago. He's also become a great fan of agaves, even more so after putting this book together. There is a similar appeal with both types, and most aloe folks also like agaves and vice versa.

    Jeff Moore has owned and operated Solana Succulents in Solana Beach for the past 24 years. Jeff has created many award-winning gardens at the annual San Diego County Fair and Home Shows. Jeff gained notoriety for his 'undersea' themed succulent gardens.

    Jeff will be selling and signing his books at the meeting.

    The presentation starts at 6:45

    Members free 
    Guests $15
    Parking free for everyone

    • Mon, October 10, 2016
    • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Congregation Beth Israel 9001 Towne Centre Drive San Diego, CA 92122

    Brian Kemble
    Curator of the Ruth Bancroft Garden

    The program willl tell us about this famous garden in Walnut Creek California and the release of new book on the garden. Author Johanna Silver may attend as well.

    Check back from more details

    The presentation starts at 6:45

    Members free 
    Guests $15
    Parking free for everyone

    • Mon, November 14, 2016
    • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Congregation Beth Israel 9001 Towne Centre Drive San Diego, CA 92122

    Lucy Warren and Greg Rubin
    The Drought-Defying California Garden

    We welcome Greg Rubin and Lucy Warren, co-authors of the recently released book.  Check back for more details on about their presentation.

    Greg Rubin is owner of California’s Own Native Landscape DesignAlthough his formal education and background is in engineering, his fascination with California native plants started when he renovated his parents’ home in Chatsworth, CA in 1985.  Soon he was landscaping for friends and family on weekends and holidays. In 1993 he began his successful landscape business and the design of over 600 native landscapes in San Diego County.

    Lucy Warren, who has an extensive background in marketing research and her own consulting firm, has been long fascinated with plants and horticulture. She is a UCCE Master Gardener and an experienced garden writer who authored a column on edible plants for the San Diego Union-Tribune and served as editor of California Garden magazine. She is the assistant coordinator for the the Spring Home/Garden Show and is a former board member of the San Diego Horticultural Society and the Pacific Horticulture Society. 

    • Their books will be available for sale and signing at the meeting.
    • Bring your native plants and flowers to share with members on the Plant Display table.  Native plant experts will be available to answer questions.

    Doors open at 6 PM.  Shop our vendors, renew your membership, check out the plant forum table or mingle.

    The presentation starts at 6:45

    Members free
    Guests $15
    Parking free for everyone

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