Planting of Casa del Prado Building Completed

Sun, October 26, 2014 8:25 PM | San Diego Horticultural Society (Administrator)
We are proud to be part of the Centennial Celebration.  In September,  our volunteers completed the planting of the gardens adjacent to the Lily Pond around the Timken Museum.  We returned on October 28th to plant the north and west sides of Casa del Prado landscape Architect Chris Drayer created the planting plan. Landscape Architect Cindy Benoit assisted Chris and also helped acquire the plants and schedule the planting.  Society Treasurer Sam Seat arranged for the plant deliveries to the park nursery.   29 volunteers showed up to help with the planting.  While Chris worked to help place the plants, volunteers weeded and cleaned up the planting we had done the previous month around the Timken Museum. The Borden Family arranged for a contractor to provide power tools, workers and assistance in digging the planting holes. Much of the area was heavily compacted and full of palm tree roots that required a special jack-hammer shovel to dig through.  We were able to complete all of the planting in one day, as well as get the plants watered in and we even installed a layer of mulch.
Hats off and a round of applause to our hard working volunteers: Kathy Ascher, Cindy Benoit, Jeff Biletnikoff, Jim Bishop, Scott Borden, Joan Braunstein, Bruce Cobbledick, Carolyn Dossett, Joann Dossett. Chris Drayer, Alice Dukelow, Dave Ehrlinger, Coni Fiss, Ann Heck, John Kramer, Linda Lawley, James Lucatore, David Lubs, Donna Mallen, Rachele Melious, Catherine Morley, Jaime Ramirez, Jorge Robles, Sam Seat, Marcy Singer, Else Karin Sjostrand Ottesen, Susan Starr, and Ed Thielicke.
Be sure and check out the plantings the next time you visit the park.  They will take a few months to fill in, but we could already tell a difference in one month.  Look for some weeding parties to help maintain the area in future months.

You can still play an important role by donating towards this project. We've started looking for other gardens in the Park that can use some restoration.

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