SDHS Announces Our 2015 Science Fair Winners

Wed, July 15, 2015 11:23 AM | San Diego Horticultural Society (Administrator)

By Cindy sparks

The Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair was held in March in Balboa Park, and we sent a team to determine winners of our two annual awards. Our judges were Dayle Cheever, Kate Engler, Dale Rekus, Hanna Richardson, Al Myrick (our beloved Judge Emeritus, who kindly helped us out when some of the regular judging staff was unable to attend), and  Cindy Witt, with the administration taken care of by Cindy Sparks.

This year the Senior High School field was quite sparse, but the Junior field was rich with candidates. Our two winners are Asdil Rehan, an 8th grader from Rhoades School, with his study of “Avocado Root Rot, a Novel Approach,” and Samuel Kahn, a 7th grader from Classical Conversations School, with his entry titled “Plant Growth in Coastal Sage Scrub Burned vs. Unburned Areas.”

They each get $100 cash award plus a year membership in the San Diego Horticultural Society. You may well see more of these two, as they both intend to continue work on their respective topics. And I’m sure you will enjoy their projects as they have worked toward results both expected and extraordinary. 

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