2016 Excellence in Horticulture Awards at the San Diego County Fair Garden Show

Fri, June 03, 2016 3:17 PM | San Diego Horticultural Society (Administrator)

Congratulations to the display garden winners of our Excellence in Horticulture awards.

The San Diego Horticultural Society is proud to give seven awards to display gardens at the Fair. These awards recognize the exceptional efforts of the many people who design and install the demonstration landscapes that are a highlight of the Fair. Each award includes a cash prize ($100 for the first six, and $500 for the Most Outstanding Exhibit) and a one-year membership in SDHS.


We thank our very thoughtful judges for the hours they spent judging all the display gardens. It is a demanding task requiring both a good eye for design and a significant depth of plant knowledge.\

·        Jim Bishop, SDHS President

·        Lisa Bellora, APLD – www.sandiegogardendesign.com

·        Marilyn Guidroz, APLD - www.marilynsgarden.com

·        Susanna Pagan, Garden Designer, SDHS Public Relations Chair

·        Susi Torre-Bueno, SDHS Newsletter Editor



The Bill Teague Memorial Award for Creative Use of Unusual Plant Material was given to San Diego Botanic Garden for their beautiful display with plants from many different parts of the world. Included in their “Un-Planted” Garden were an outstanding succulent rabbit and a very clever water feature. This garden has great appeal for all ages.

Our award for Best Youth Garden went to a first-time exhibitor, Kailani Chung, the first time we’ve given this award to an individual and not a school group. Her Under the Sea Succulents garden featured the attractive use of succulents which was very colorful. We loved the large sculpted seahorse and thought Kailani’s design showed nice plant massing and a great sense of humor.

The Nomenclature Accuracy award for 100% perfect nomenclature went to Green Acres Nursery for their Tea Time in RedderBetterland display. The individual plant labels were unobtrusive and easy to read, and they had a beautiful plant display.


New exhibitor Aqua WISER won the award for Best Expression of Garden Education, with a very fun Mad About Water garden. They hit all the principles of water conservation and reuse. We especially loved the steampunk washing machine (which blew bubbles), papier-mâché sculpted characters, and a gentleman made of old piping in an outdoor shower. Theirs was a good interpretation of the Fair theme, too.


The Best Planted Container award went to Vineyard Landscape, another new exhibitor, for their Garden of Wonder. It featured the excellent use of recycled wood for their large container wall. The judges loved the cutouts in the wall for windows, which were then partly filled with boxes of colorful succulents on many kinds. There was a nice vertical succulent garden on the back side of the wall. This was a wonderful garden with good scale and a very nice water feature.


The award for Best use of California Native Plants went to Helix Environmental Planning for their vibrant display, titled Vernal Pool Inspired Landscape Design with Native Plants and Burrowing Owl Box. The garden had a beautiful display of a vernal pool section with a glass panel so you can see the internal pool structure. It was very educational in terms of native flora and fauna, especially about the burrowing owls.


Our Don & Dorothy Walker Award for Most Outstanding Exhibit went to Pro Trees for their Repurposed Wonderland garden. The garden was inspiring, educational and creative, with great attention to detail. It shows good design and choice of plant material. The judges enjoyed the rain chain, and the tree rounds used for both planters and pavers. The design was practical and elegant at the same time. Outstanding job!

 Our Mission  To inspire and educate the people of San Diego County to grow and enjoy plants, and to create beautiful, environmentally responsible gardens and landscapes.

Our Vision  To champion regionally appropriate horticulture in San Diego County.


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